We’ve tried to answer everything you need to know, but if we have missed anything please get in touch.

What is the table seating size for dinner tickets?
You will need a lead person to book tables of 5 or 10 people.

What if only 2 of us want to go or we are a person short?
To avoid disappointment, use social media to see if you can find anyone who needs an extra person etc. We can only reserve tables of 5 or 10. We would suggest that if you don’t have full numbers, you could search to see if there is a table who you could join up with to meet the minimum number.

How many dinner tickets will there be?
500 will be available for purchase

How many entry tickets will there be?
2000 will be available for purchase in total

What information will I need to submit?
You will need the student name and ID number of each person on the table/ ENTs ticket group. If you have a non UoN student guest they will need to set up a guest account which will generate a number to use.

Can a non-graduating student/non-student come?
Our priority is to accommodate graduating students first and as such the lead person must be a graduate. We understand that you may wish to celebrate your graduation with your partner and close friends so we will accept one plus one or one non-graduating student per graduate in order to make your special day perfect.

What is the justification for the ticket price?
Grad Ball 2017 is a not for profit event. The SU only seek to break even by covering costs associated with the event. Costs include cover of all dinner tickets at cost price, marquee hire, technical equipment, entertainment, additional toilet provision, security, first aid, media and transport to and from the venue.

Will dietary requirements be met?
We have 3 menu options available to cater for various dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, nut allergies, lactose free and halal. Unfortunately the venue is unable to cater for Kosher.

I don’t like the menu option can I change it?
Unfortunately this is the selection made and the venue stipulates that everyone has to have the same. We only cater for dietary requirements such as vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, halal and allergies.  Be assured that our events team have worked with the venue to create a tasty menu that we believe will work for everyone.

What is included in the ticket price?
Dinner – Transport to and from the venue, drink on arrival, pre-selected 3 course sit down meal, live brass band and half a bottle of wine per person. Main stage, acoustic stage, fireworks and more.

Please note that the dinner served will be the same for everyone who attends with the exception of those with special dietary requirements.

Entry tickets – Transport to and from the venue, main stage, acoustic stage, fireworks and more.

If I change my mind can I get a refund?
Tickets are non-refundable unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Can I bring a plus one/non-graduate?
Priority will be for graduating students but we understand that to make your experience extra special you may want to bring a plus one or a non-graduate so we will be happy to accommodate this.

Why can guests bring a plus one/ non-graduate?
Feedback from last year’s Grad Ball stated that many graduates were left disappointed because they couldn’t bring a plus one/non-graduate. As this is a graduation ball the priority will be for graduates to purchase tickets but they have the option to invite either a plus one or a non-graduate this year.

How will you know I am a graduate?
You will have to enter your student ID number which our database will identify whether you are a graduate or not. A warning message will appear if you are not a graduate and the transaction cancelled.

Where can I buy tickets from?
Links for dinner reservations and main event tickets will be on the Grad ball 2017 website.

For dinner tickets you will need to request a table and enter all the names of people on your table and if you are successful, you and your group take your confirmation emails to either pay via the online link or at the box office just take your confirmation email.

Where do I collect tickets from?
The Box office SU reception in Portland Building, where they will be available one week prior to the event up to 12pm midday on 15 June.

What if I have dietary requirements?
Your confirmation email will ask you to submit these.

Is there a limit on how many tickets I can buy?
For dinner tickets, tables seat 5 or 10. So one person can be responsible for booking a table of 5 or 10 places including themselves.

For main event tickets you can either purchase individually or you can buy up to 5 tickets but to do this you must enter the ID numbers of each person and pay in one lump sum.

Can I use someone else’s card to purchase the ticket/s?
Yes, but ensure you fill in your/all the correct student ID numbers as this will be checked when you collect your tickets.

What do I do if I lose my ticket?
Tickets won’t be ready to collect until the week before the event. If you lose your ticket please come and speak to a member of staff at the box office and bring your proof of purchase.

Wet Weather Disclaimer:

Please note that the venue is of historical interest, located on grounds next to a river.  Some elements of this event will be outside on grassed areas. In the case of bad weather guests may be subjected to the elements. We accept no responsibility for conditions/ damage caused by the weather. We ask guests to dress appropriately for the weather conditions.


Why Colwick Hall?
After researching local venues large enough to host our Ball Colwick hall was by far the best. Not only is it a stunning venue, but it offered the best package considering distance to travel, availability, capacity, sit down meal for 500 people, cost and late licensing.

Can I stay at the venue?
Unfortunately no, we will be using the hotel rooms for acts.

I have heard that getting to the venue results in a long wait on the bus, is this true?
At past events at the venue this has been an issue due to other vehicles accessing the road. On this occasion we will have a traffic management plan which involves restricting access down to the venue and having staggered bus drop offs. Given the volume of ENTs arriving at the event there may be a short delay while disembarking but we will do our best to make the process as swift as possible.

What are the drinks prices?

Spirits 25ml £2.50
Jagermeister £3.00
Draught beer £3.50 Pint/£2.50 Half pint
Bottled Beers/Coders £3.00
Alco pops £3.00
J20 £2.00
Coke/Tonic/Lemonade/orange juice £1.50
Mineral Water £2.00
Wine £16.50 per bottle
Pimms Jug £12.00
Prosecco £20:00 per bottle
House Champagne £32.00 per bottle

How many bars will there be?
There will be around 7 bars – 1 in the dinner marquee, 3 in the Hall and 2-3 in the main stage marquee

Will there be a map showing where everything is?
Yes, it will be available at a later date

Will I get a programme detailing the event?
Yes this will be available when you collect your ticket and information will be available on the Grad ball website.

So far we can confirm there will be a main stage, acoustic stage, a free sweet room and fireworks with more exciting things to come.

What time will it start/finish?
Dinner guests will arrive from 6:30pm and finish around 9pm at which point the room will be converted to an acoustic stage 10:00pm – 1:00am

ENTs will arrive after 8pm with music starting in the main stage at 8:30pm and going through till 2am.

Who decided on the music acts?
There are many factors that affected the choice of acts.  We used insight gathered from Grad Ball 2016 feedback that indicated that students liked the acoustic stage as a ‘chilled’ area and that students prioritised theming of the event over having a big main act. They wanted a named act that students would recognise but also variety to cater for all tastes. The Grad Ball committee were tasked with gaining feedback from students about the kind of acts they would like to see which we have followed. The other factor is cost. Big name acts are extremely expensive and using the feedback we felt students prioritised a great looking event and spending time with their friends over a big name.


Is there a cash machine?
Unfortunately not, nor is there a cash machine nearby. The venue does accept card payments for a minimum spend of £20 and contactless for a minimum spend of £5. Our advice is to take a sufficient amount of cash with you.

Is there disabled access?
Yes – the whole venue is on relatively even ground on one level with access ramps.

Is there a cloak room?
No unfortunately there isn’t an adequate area for us to do this.

Is there a smoking area?
Yes, this will be clearly signposted.


I’m arriving in my own transport will I be able to get to the venue?
Yes but we advise guests to use the transport provided to avoid waiting time and traffic congestion.

How will I get to and from the venue?
Transport to and from the venue is included in your ticket price and will be via bus.

What are the bus times?
Dinner tickets –  6:15pm
Entry tickets – 8:15pm

Buses will return from midnight onwards.

Anyone wishing to depart earlier will need to arrange their own transport at their own cost.  We ask that people wishing to book a taxi, use the taxi booking point through DG taxis.

Where are the pick-up and drop off points?
University Park, Dunkirk, South Entrance
Savoy Cinema, Derby Road
Maid Marion Way – Salutation Inn lay-by

Can I make my own way there?
If you wish to make your own way, you can but at your own cost. If you travel by taxi to or from the venue you may encounter delays due to the traffic management we will be enforcing on the lane leading to Colwick Hall.  We advise that if you do use a taxi, then please use D&G as we will be allowing access to this firm.

Will there would be transport to the after party?
Return coaches will drop off on Maid Marian Way, Savoy Cinema and University Park.


Can friends pick up tickets on behalf of friends?
The person booking will need to provide ID to collect their ticket. For dinner the principle booker will need to collect tickets for the whole table

Dress code
Formal black tie

Do I need cash?
Yes, the venue does not have a cash machine but you can pay by card, minimum spend is £20 or if you have contactless the minimum spend is £5

Is water available?
Tap water is available free from all bars

When does the DJ start?
Main stage music starts at 8:30 pm, Acoustic stage music starts at 10:00pm

Where does the profit go?
Any income generated goes towards the event, any underspend will be put towards next year’s event.

Is there Wi-Fi?
Yes the code will be available on the website closer to the time and at the venue on the night.

When will the extras pack away?
Extras will finish by 1am

Is there a photographer?
Yes, for dinner there will be table photographers, a roaming photographer and a static photographer.

Do we have to pay for photos on the night?
No, free photos will be available on the night as well as on Facebook after the event. There will be an option to have a professional photograph taken and you can pay for this after the event.

Are there arrival drinks?
Yes for dinner guests.

Will there be food available to buy on the night?
There will be a catering van on site, details are still to be confirmed.

What will cost money on the night?
The only thing you’ll have to pay for on the night is your drinks, food from vendors and professional photography prints if you wish to purchase one. Everything else is included in the price!

Is there a fixed taxi fare?
There will be a fixed taxi fare with D&G Taxi firms. Tariff details coming soon.

Will there be a map of the venue?
Yes, all guests will receive a map on collection of their tickets and there will be signage at the event.

What time does dinner start / finish?
Dinner starts at 7pm and finishes around 9pm.

What time do main event ticket holders arrive at the venue?
8:30pm onwards

How many toilets are there and are these accessible friendly?
All toilets are accessible on the ground floor within the building. We will be providing an accessible toilet and extra toilet blocks at the venue. There will be 4 blocks of toilets across the venue so there will be adequate provision.

Will there be resting areas
Yes we will be providing seating areas and there will be plenty of spaces inside the venue.